Beautiful Disaster by Rachel McGoye

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Beautiful Disaster by Rachel McGoye
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Having obtained a professional music degree from the world’s largest independent music college Berklee College of Music (Boston) and perfecting a classically trained voice, Rachel Leigh McGoye spent the years that followed infiltrating the Los Angeles music scene.

Rachel McGoye is a free-spirited, small town beach girl born and raised in Stuart, Florida. She spent her youth at The Center for the Arts studying ballet, tap, jazz, modern and hip-hop dance while performing across the state in the well-known dance company, Contempra. Upon entering Martin County High School she auditioned and was accepted into the competitive traveling show choir OPUS. She spent the next 4 years singing across the U.S. in various competitions in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., San Antonio and New York.

Rachel has always been involved in some form of music from very young age. At the age of eight, her mother bought her piano and she began taking lessons. Entering her high school years she was completely dedicated to music, she planned for her career in music while continuing to sing, play keyboards and acoustic guitar.

It wasn’t until her enrollment in Berklee that Rachel began writing and composing her own songs. “Although the first few songs I wrote were far from being hits, I was slowly realizing that I might have a niche for writing catchy memorable melodies, even if they were a bit cheesy!” Rachel has an uncontainable wit and sarcasm that she perfectly balances with her complex, sultry, emotional side.

Rachel’s musical comparisons have ranged from Dido to Paula Cole, Fiona Apple to Alicia Keys with a little bit of Sade mixed in. Ultimately, Rachel has developed a unique sound and presence of her own. As a singer/songwriter and performer, Rachel’s influences are an eclectic mix stemming from her exposure as a child to Roots and Rock music to her own love of Folk and R&B. “Growing up I couldn’t decided for years whether my musical career was going be in the likes of Janet Jackson or Carole King!”