Zen Garden 4 (Music For Oriental Massage)

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Zen Garden 4 (Music For Oriental Massage)
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The musical fusion of east meets west is taken to a new level as we embark on a return journey to the Zen Garden. Volume 4, a breathtaking one-hour anthology of musical enchantment, is the ultimate soundtrack for a relaxing massage treatment, a stress-free yoga work out of the perfect music to relax to at the end of the day.

With over a combined 35 million hits on YouTube, Stuart has written and recorded over 45 albums in all styles including Classical, Jazz, Dance, Pop-Funk, New Age, Experimental and his own genre ‘Piano Speed Funk’. Stuart has also played live across America, France, The Netherlands, and the UK. By sharp contrast his soothing, ultimately mellow, heartfelt melodies are equally as popular. Twenty-five of his albums are published and released in over fifty countries worldwide.