WATER MUSIC RECORDS is an Electronic music label based in Los Angeles, California with over 270 albums and singles released to date. The label is known mostly for its compilation albums such as “Chill Out Lounge,” “Tantra Lounge” and Jazz Lounge” plus many others; and the group has 4 sub-labels: EDM, Water Music World, Water Music Kids & 10 Spot). The singles and albums are available on iTunes, directly on our site and can stream on services such as Rdio while CDs are still available on Amazon.com and various other sites and some local retailers.  


EDM embodies all that is electronic dance music. Born in 2014 as a subsidiary of Water Music Records, one of the leading Dance and Chill Out labels in the world since 2000, EDM’s mission is to release quality dance music in all digital formats to fans throughout the world. Recent collections like “Ibiza After Dark” and “Dance Euphoria” give you top hits right from the dance floor and the tracks keep coming all year. Look for updates and new, exciting artist albums and singles both this year and next. Also, digital downloads, in addition to being on the iTunes store, will soon be available on our EMD site so please join us here.